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10 Day Board & Train

We've spoken on the phone, you've done the homework we assigned, it's time to drop your dog off for 10 days to work with us on everything we've discussed.  We'll send photo & video updates and continue the work you started at home

10 days, $1650

20 days, $3000

Personal Sessions

No need to drop off your dog, you just want to get together to talk about your dog and focus on a few things for an hour or so.  We LOVE that because it means you'll be doing more of the work at home.  Set it up in the app!

$200, with travel $250

Home Visit

You're a qualified customer and you know the drill.  You're going for a long day of work or you decided to ditch the dog walker and let us work with your dog instead.  We'll walk train, play, whatever for a half an hour while you're gone.

$50/30 minutes


This is boarding school for dogs.  You know us and we know you because we've already trained together.  Now that we're on the same page, your dog is welcome to come back anytime and board with us.  No riff raff, no nonsense, just reinforcing the work you do at home and going to different locations around Nashville.


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